Review Policy

Here at MissFictional's World of YA Books, I write honest reviews on books for no compensation. If you would like your book to be reviewed, please take note:
  • I do NOT accept books of the following genres: erotica, non-fiction, biographies/memoirs, self-help, religion, or anything that is not appropriate for teens. 
  • Seeing as this is a young adult book blog, I prefer books that are of this genre. However, some exceptions are made for adult and middle grade books.
  • I accept both hard copies and e-books for review (please specify what format in your inquiry).
  • Generally, I do NOT accept indie/self-published books for review.
On a side note, keep in mind that I live in the United States.

In reviews, I include:
  • Synopsis
  • Review with a minimum of one paragraph
  • Publication date, author, title, book cover, genre
  • A rating out of 5 stars

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