Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Eeew You Read Books?": A Message to Book Haters

Countless times have I encountered people I call "Book Haters". You know, the ones who show unconcealed distaste when they see you reading instead of, I don't know, texting or going on FB?

I find it very ignorant of these type of people to automatically HATE books, when they have probably never read a book in their life, and disrespect the person reading the book.

Here is how a typical conversation would go:

*Me reading a book in the middle of class*
Girl: Eew, are you reading?
Me: No duh. I find it very enjoyable. I feel like I'm in another world, experiencing--
Girl: So, like, you have to read books because you're antisocial and a loner and will be forever alone?
Me: *Clenches teeth* It's a freaking hobby. Why is it any of your business what I like to do? And of course I have plenty of friends! *Mentally makes a list of all my friends, a majority of them being fictional*
Girl: Books are so old-school. It's the, like, 21st century! We have technology. Books are for, like, cavemen.
Me: Have you even read a book in your whole life?
Girl: Ya! I have read Green Eggs and Ham plenty of times! It's the only book that I like.
Me: Well, congrats to you. You have the reading ability of a genius. *Sarcasm dripping from every word.* 
Girl: Like, ZOMG. Thank you. It's a sign of my intelligence. I don't like books without pictures though. It gets on my pet peeves.
Me: Good for you. *Continues reading and ignores the girl*
Girl: Hello! I am talking to you! *Flips her hair and walk away*

See, this is how a typical conversation with an ignorant book-hater goes. If you are reading this, and you are a book hater (which I highly doubt), then I have a message for you: Pick up a freakin book for once in your life before automatically judging us book lovers. Please.

And for all those people who think reading makes you a nerd, and being a nerd is a bad thing, read this brilliant quote by John Green:


  1. Love this! Agree with it... Wait, I'm not a book hater. Why am I reading this?...
    Well, I don't entirely agree. There's many degrees & there's not a stereotype really, the ones I encounter the most just are proud that they read less than me & are like 'YOLO'. Why are they missing out in their teens? They just want to live now but reading IS living, they'll love it when they're older & will kick themselves. Well, can't expect people to wise as all us book bloggers XD
    Lots of my friends like reading small amounts or as a last priority. They don't feel the love as they're thinking about Facebook or other typical teen things. Yes, I'm part of a crowd at school people think they understand. The ones that have friends obviously & are social. People think we all do typical teen things. As I've said, most people, including my friends, do. But the good thing about my friends is that even with that (and they will invite me to join in, I don't wanna be a loner XD) they know that if I blow them off I'm in the middle of a Very. Important. Book.
    They laugh about it good naturedly but would rather be out. They can catch up with me after & we do sometimes talk books. I'd appreciate them picking up my book recs but I don't need it as I just know they're not book haters & they could be pleases me. I love how they accept my hobbies & the books I read won't be gone in a few years time. They can read them whenever they choose. Whenever they've done living whatever they think life is 24/7 (I couldn't cope with that, high maintenance).
    Us, and our books, just need to be there for the people that don't love & don't hate. We can ignore the book haters- at least there's hope for the middle people ;)
    Sorry... that turned into a massive comment. Oops!

    1. This is kind of like the extreme end of the spectrum of book hating. Its not really common to encounter it, and I agree, most people don't mind reading, they just don't like it as much as other things.
      I HATE it when people think that people who are bookworms are these antisocial people. Like you, I am social and have friends, despite the typical "book lovers are loners and will never have friends" stereotype. And like you said, it goes the other way around too, when social people are expected to be on social media all day, when that is not always the case.
      Since there are not that many book lovers, the middle people are the best.
      I also surround myself with people who understand and respect my love of books too. I totally agree with what you said there. Your friends seem like awesome people, very understanding. :)
      Great comment, BTW!

    2. I think it's very common, or maybe it's just my experience in North Dublin. Everyone in my year hated reading. And, yes, they think that if you read that you're a nerd and its disgusting, plus it doesn't help if you're maybe a little bit intelligent and get good grades. Seriously, all they think about is who groped who, and who kissed who, and who lost their virginity. And I'm like, why are they wasting their childhood, we have our whole lives to act like that, why throw away our innocence why we have it. We only have one childhood and, the people I know anyway, think you're weird if you don't act the way they do. Ad I'm not trying to act above them or anything, I'm not trying it be mean, it's just a bit annoying. Maybe it's just where I live, I don't know. I only came across my love of reading not too long ago, and I just realised how much I was missing out. I think it is ignorance. But im so glad I've met bloggers like yourselves that I can actually talk to about books. :)

    3. I think it does depend on where you live, and the types of schools in that area. It's a shame that you have to endure that from EVERYONE,it must have been pure torture being surrounded by those shallow people. And what you said about how we should cherish our childhood and the innocence, that is SO true, but sadly everyone is in a hurry to grow up. It angers me that everyone you're forced to be surrounded by are so unaware of the world of reading, automatically dismissing it as "nerdy". Wow. Now its considered a bad thing to be smart. It's good that you weren't influenced by everyone else, and now you love reading. That's what's so great about the blogging community; you can talk about books with others who share the same passion as you.

    4. Well, I'm not a follower. I do what I want to do, and sure I'm still friends with the, it's just that we don't share the same interests. There's a lot more people in the world who enjoy reading than people that don't.

  2. haha, SO TRUE.

    I actually feel really sad for these book haters. Imagine never knowing the joy of a really great book? smh...they're totally missing out!

    I love my obsession, hobby, books are my life! And I'm not ashamed of it.. :D

    1. They really do not know what they are missing! It is pretty sad, maybe they were just exposed to the wrong books. But still, they should not disrespect books, because by doing that, they are disrespecting US.
      Thanks foor visiting my bloeg, and I'll make sure to check your's out!

  3. Replies
    1. Ikr?! Anything written by John Green is pure brilliance.

  4. Best blog post I've ever read!

  5. Love the post. Whenever people ask me why I'm reading, I always just stare at them and say why aren't you? Okay, I'm not really antisocial, but the only people who ask me that are people who I don't like. Love that quote though!!