Sunday, November 3, 2013

Book Talk: How I Review/Blog

A feature hosted here I started to talk about bookish things. Written sporadically, of course.

This topic has been springing up among blogs recently, and I thought I'd give it a shot. 

One thing I learned: I'm probably the most unorganized blogger out there. I mean, reading about how my fellow bloggers review, and how they have a set schedule for all their posts, I realize how much of a foreign concept this is to me. If I had an organized, well-thought out blog schedule, blogging would become ridiculously tedious after a while, and what's the fun in that?

Me? My posts are totally last minute, my reviews are written at completely random times, and I can procrastinate like there's no tomorrow. I don't write my reviews at a specified time after I finish the book, I write whenever I feel the urge. There's books I've read months ago that I still haven't reviewed. 

I regret nothing.  

When I'm writing a review, I don't really have a template I follow. I let my emotions take charge, and write the first things that come to mind. I do take notes while reading, and highlight quotes, but other than that, I'm writing freely. If this is your writing technique as well, then you must know how oddly liberating the feeling is to just let your thoughts flow into your writing, with no constraints whatsoever. It's one of the best feelings in the world.

Coincidentally, this post was not planned at all. I literally had the idea to do this post about five minutes prior to writing this.

Truly, if I did start using a blogging schedule, I think I would not post a post only to rebel against the time-restraints. I'm that student; the one that even if you give me 2 months to do a project, I'll wait until the last week and still end up getting it done. Like I said, I'm a very unorganized person, and by being restricted by time, I get stressed out. So, really, a schedule would not be a very good idea.

If I had to describe my blogging/reviewing habits in one word, I would describe it as: spontaneous.

I feel like I'm the odd one out. Does anyone else review and blog like this? With absolutely no organization?

*le sigh* Now I know why the school system and I don't get along very well.


  1. I don't do schedules either, and I don't really follow a pattern when reviewing (if you don't count the part at the beginning, where I give all the book info and a short list of things that worked or not for me). I'd say I'm "mostly" spontaneous, though I prepare the frame for my next review (one at a time) in advance - but I usually write the review itself on the spur of the moment :).

  2. I totally agree, I don't schedule at all. Otherwise it'll feel like I'm in school handing in an essay and there's no fun in that. Even if I did start one I'm pretty sure I would not abide by it at all.