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Blog Tour: Seeds of Discovery, by Breeana Puttroff Review & Giveaway

Title: Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles #1)
Author: Breeana Puttroff
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Publication Date: September 16, 2011

Quinn Robbins' life was everything she thought a teenager's should be. She has good friends, a family that she loves, good grades, and an after-school job she enjoys. And, she's just been asked out by Zander Cunningham, a popular football player and great guy. But one day when driving home after picking up her little sister from the baby-sitter's, she nearly hits a boy who, after running blindly into the street, mysteriously disappears.
The mystery only deepens as she figures out who the boy is; William Rose, a reclusive, awkward boy from school who always has his nose in a pile of books.
As she becomes more aware of his behavior it becomes more obvious how out of the ordinary William is and how hard he deliberately tries to blend into the background. This only intrigues her more and she finds herself working to find out more about him, and exactly where he keeps disappearing to.
On a whim one night she follows him and suddenly finds herself in a new world. One where William is a prince, literally, and she is treated like a princess. She also discovers that she is stuck; the gate back to her own world isn't always open.
Quinn finds herself smack in the middle of a modern-day fairy tale, on a course that will change her life forever.

Rating: 4 stars

I will be completely honest when I say this; there wasn't anything particularly notable about this book. 

Why did I give this book 4/5 stars, you ask?

Well, I loved the simplicity of this story. It was not complicated at all; it had a very simple story-line, which even action-lovers like me like to read once in a while. I was immediately hooked. 

This story follows an ordinary girl, Quinn, who ends up in another world. A girl with no supernatural qualities, just a girl in high school. Most of the books I have read have these chicks with all these perfect qualities; there is something special about them, they are loved by all, are not afraid of anything, and to top it all off, they're strikingly beautiful. Now how are us readers supposed to relate to these kinds of characters? Quinn is so relatable, which made her likable from the start.

Quinn was a very sensible girl, and, unlike other heroines, is smart and has common sense. I like the way the author starts off the book with Quinn, like other normal teenagers, worrying about normal teenage issues. It makes, the readers, take an immediate liking to her. 

Another aspect I loved: There was no "love at first sight" crap that most YA these days have.

I have to admit, my inner 5-year-old self squealed when I found out that there was going to be princes, princesses, kings, and queens. However, I wish the author described the setting more. The castles or the world in general weren't explained much. It would have gave this story more of a "fantasy" feel to it.

Most of the secondary characters were a bit flat. They weren't very unique; to me, they all seemed to have the same personality. That being said, Thomas and William were very well-written characters, and both three-dimensional.

I think that this series has plenty of room to grow into a captivating fantasy. There was just so many questions left unanswered, which naturally pikes my curiosity. For sure, I will be reading the rest of this series.

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