Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cover Wars #1: The Book Thief

I feel like I've seen this feature on dozens of blogs, so I decided to give it a try! Today I will be comparing the US cover, the Australian cover, and the foreign (UK) cover.

The Book Thief is a book I, and many others, hold very dearly, so I take the covers (and anything associated with it, really) very seriously. I'll be judging the cover based on how well it reflects the content of the book, and also the visual appeal of the cover overall.

On a random note, for those of you that aren't in the know, the movie is coming out in 2 MONTHS. *squee*

The Book Thief
Australian cover
The depiction of the setting on the cover is pretty accurate, giving the book a bit of an eery feel to it. I'm not the biggest fan of that person on the cover though. (I would say it is Death, the narrator, but that's not exactly how I imagined him.)

The Book Thief
US cover
The scene that the US cover is trying to portray is one of the scenes with my favorite character in it *cough* The one with the lemon-colored hair *cough*, but in my opinion it isn't the most significant scene in the novel.
The Book Thief
UK/foreign cover
The UK cover illustrates Liesel, the protagonist, dancing (?) with death. I guess that can hold some sort of symbolism to it. I love the more oldish, worn-out look the background gives off, which really adds to its visual attractiveness.


The UK cover! 

In my opinion, I feel that the UK cover does a relatively good job of displaying The Book Thief. I am not the biggest fan of the others. It's not that they aren't good-looking; they are simply missing the captivating look the UK/foreign cover gives off.

Which is your favorite cover?


  1. Such a wonderful book! My copy has the UK cover - I'm a sucker for great covers :-)

  2. I have the US cover, but I think I agree with you. The UK one is better.

  3. I agree, the UK cover is the best but the AUS is a close second for me! But I don't have much of a care for the covers as the story itself was what sold it for me

    Thanks for sharing, hun! <33

  4. I agree. The UK cover just grabs my attention more than other covers do. I personally really like how it symbolizes her dancing with death. I wish more covers had this look.