Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book Reviewers Would Make Awesome Authors.

I created this post because I've noticed many people are down in the blogging community, so it's meant to be a pretty positive post. *sprinkles pixie dust and showers you with chocolate*

This isn't intended to "toot my own horn" or to establish bloggers as the kings and queens of the interwebz or maybe it is - and what's wrong with being proud of who you are, anyway?

Also, I'm including both book reviewers and book bloggers. Not everyone is both, but I'm sure most of us are book reviewers.

So, here are the reasons I believe book bloggers/reviewers would make AWESOME authors:

Just like poetry, calligraphy, or any type of art, reviewing is a way to express your feelings. You must find a way to express your opinions and emotions into words. Hence, each person, at least after a certain amount of time, develops their own style and tone in reviewing. This is a necessary quality for all writers - and it truly is a sign of talent when you can create words and phrases and reviews from muddled thoughts. And each reviewer/blogger is unique in how they accomplish this.

Obviously. *flips hair* Like Stephen King says, in order to be a good writer, you must read a variety of books.

Let's be honest here: there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of book bloggers from all around the world. All of us want to stand out from the crowd and we crave individuality and originality (if I weren't a book blogger I'd totally be a rapper). We do this by being inventive. I mean, look at all the brilliant memes out there, the clever and unconventional reviews: how did we get there? Creativity, yo.

Authors, if there's a historical inaccuracy in your book, you can bet your mother's teddy bear that somewhere out there a reviewer has caught said inaccuracy and is raging about it on Goodreads (I know because I've done it before). We can catch plot-holes and clunky writing as easily as we can spot a book sale at Barnes & Noble. If we know what makes a book bad, (completely subjective, I know) then it's not a big leap to assume we can catch all this in our writings.

I know you're supposed to write what YOU want to write, and I'm a firm believer in this. But we spend so much time discussing books with other bloggers that we get a general feel of what's a no-no and a yes-yes (like insta-love, for example).

I might not comment on other blogs as much as I'd like to, but I do dedicate a considerable number of hours weekly browsing the book blogosphere. And you know what that means? I'm more exposed to ideas, creativity, writing, which all boil down to one word: inspiration. (I am NOT condoning plagiarism, that's baaaad.) Every author has a source or two or whatever for inspiration in their writings. On top of that, reading other pieces of writing improves one's own writing - we learn from each other and that, my friends, is how you become better.

I'm not telling anyone to take this as the bible or anything - after all, I'm only a junior in high school so what do I know?

That said, if any of you guys ever publish a book, I'd definitely buy it.


  1. Summer, this post is so true! I love it! I've always wanted to be a writer and maybe one day I will. I don't comment on blogs nearly as much as I want to.

  2. Thank you Sarah! I've only just recently became interested in writing after reading more books and starting a book blog.

  3. Haha of course we would make awesome authors ;) Cause we're fabulous like that. Loved this post! 1) It's really true and 2) so sassy & laughter inducing.

  4. Ah this is so true! I take so much pride in being a blogger and I've often thought about this. Being a book blogger/reviewer means you critique books and you know what the book community is craving at the moment. You're always up to date with the latest bookish news and we're so involved in the community. Great post, it made me laugh

  5. Hawwa @ ItWasLovelyReadingYouJuly 20, 2014 at 11:57 AM

    Awwwh this is such a nice post <333 I feel loved. AND YES READ MY NOVEL WHEN IT NEVER COMES OUT..>.< :P *stares at 1k words written in misery*
    But, if you ever write a book I shall definitely buy it. :) Me? I'm waiting until it's possible to insert gifs in books, then I'll *write* a book. ;D

  6. Hahah, thank you! :D Yes, we are quiet fab.

  7. XD Oh, I'll DEFINITELY read your gif-filled book, it would be more than a pleasure to read. You are very much loved, and thank you! <3

  8. Great post Summer! Absolutely LOVE reason #1. Reviewing is definitely an art form and every reviewer's approach is different. Even though I want to comment on every blog, I haven't managed to do it yet.