Monday, March 2, 2015

Review & Giveaway: The Ruby Airship, by Sharon Gosling

The Ruby Airship (The Diamond Thief)Title: The Ruby Airship
Author: Sharon Gosling
Publication Date: February 2, 2015
Genre: Historical fiction/Steampunk

In this action-packed sequel to The Diamond Thief, trapeze-artist Remy has left the circus and her life as a jewel thief behind, but doubts that young detective Thaddeus Rec will ever truly trust her. Torn between her new life and her old, her mind is made up when Yannick, a fellow circus-performer from Remy's past, arrives in London. Remy decides it's time to go with him to France, and rejoin her best friend Claudette and the circus. But Thaddeus is sure that Yannick is up to no good. He's determined to track them down and win Remy back, even if he has to embark on a perilous journey by airship to do so.

4 Stars
Thank you Switch Press for this review copy!

With just as much action, adventure, and romance as the first book, The Ruby Airship is sure to please fans of the first installment. If you're not aware, I absolutely loved The Diamond Thief, and the mere fact that this was able to live up to my expectations is an indicator of this book's superb-ness.

The Ruby Airship starts off where The Diamond Thief left, and it starts off with a bang. At first it seemed as if it would be an angst-filled, dramatic book disguised as adventure, but this misconception was immediately smashed once Remy made her way to France.

The stakes are higher and the relationships are tested, with new characters added that make the book shine even brighter. Thaddeus and Remy are as awkward cute as ever, and J's new friend will have you giggling from their bickering.

At times, though, some seems were less... mature, I should say, than others. One particularly humorous scene was where the "bad guy" spilled all his plans to Thaddeus, which made him seem like less of a villain and more of a child playing the role of a bad guy. This, along with other instances, made the book seem a bit childish.

But really, this sequel was pure fun and all-around enjoyable. The mix of steampunk, adventure, historical fiction, and action catered to my diverse reading taste, and created a book that was both swashbuckling and emotionally engaging. Set against a rich setting and complemented by splendid writing, The Ruby Airship will surely be a crowd-pleaser.   


And now for a giveaway! Switch Press has generously sent me a hardcover of both The Diamond Thief and The Ruby Airship. They're stunning, aren't they?

The Rules:
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  • No cheating, please, I'm planning on going through every entry to make sure you did what you entered. If not, I'll eliminate all your entries.
  • You must live in the US (sorry international folks)

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    1. I'm really glad you reviewed this! I haven't yet had a chance to read The Diamond Thief but really really want to! I love that steampunk and mystery mix (can you say parasol protectorate series?) :D
      Glad that the sequel was good, I have had some disappointment lately with sequels.
      Thanks for the giveaway too, Summer!

      -Diamond @ Dee's Reads